Tea bag machine and carton machine

This production line is a new electromechanical integration high-tech product developed by our R & D center. It achieves advantage of intelligent control, high integration, small footprint and convenient installation and commissioning. The main functions include automatic feeding, teabag packing, envelope bag packing, bag sorting, cartoning, etc. Through the automatic control system, each parts are organically integrated to ensure that all functional components could complete the automatic packing of tea bags in a coordinated and orderly manner.


The production line is controlled by PLC; It has wide range of cartoning (15-30bags per carton), and also has extension interfaces to connect other equipments.

Options can realize automatic feeding, bag making, packing, sorting and counting, and automatic cartoning;

The sorting system adopts electronic counting, and the quantity of bags packed is set on touch screen;

The HMI meets function of digital signature, and its operation can be freely distributed according to level;

The production line meets standards of GMP certification.




Pneumatic vacuum feeder

Online weighing system

Online metal detection system

Cellophane overwrapping machine

Date printing device

Technical data

Bags per carton


Bag dimensionL×W(mm)


Carton dimensionL×W×H(mm)

85-160mm×75-105mm ×78-98mm

Overall dimensionL×W×H(mm)


Air pressure


Power supply

380V /220V  50Hz

Total power


Total weight



Packing materials

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