Tag paper

CAMA supplies not only the machines with excellent performance,but also all packing materials,the details are as follows:

Heat-seal filter paper : 16.5—22.5g/㎡ various widths Non-heatseal filter paper : 16g/㎡ various specifications.Coffee filter paper:25g/㎡ heat-seal filter paper,various widths.Envelope paper of machine CCFD6:70g/㎡ single-side offset paper for food industry.Envelopes of machine DXDC8IV and DXDC15:Heat-seal composite materials,such as Paper / PE, Paper / Aluminum/PE, Aluminum / PE, Plastic / PE, Plastic / Foil / PE, etc.Tag paper:Heat-seal tag paper and non-heatseal tag paper PET material.Nylon filter,non-woven fabrics:With tag,or without tag(customized).

Tag paper01
This tag paper is an option for single chamber tea bag machine.
Will seal tag paper by high temperatures without adhesive.


Technical data

Requirements of printing heat sealable tag : Coated paper with high temperature printing ink

Here are two sizes of heat sealable tag as option for our tea bag packing machine.

1) 24mm×28mm (Octangle shape)    2) 24mm×26mm (Flat shape)

Diameter : 280mm

Inside diameter : 75mm

Let's begin with a easy to understand concept. Hypothesis the supplier's plate charges is $100/ color.
Note :  All customized artwork for envelope paper, customer will pay printing colors on the plate charges at the first time, the total charges count by colors.
Color Plate Charges : One color, one plate charges, if the design is composed of 6 kinds of Pantone color, then total plate charge is $100×6=$600.



Tag paper01

Packing materials

Tag paper : The tag paper should be coatched paper for food industry specially.High temperature ink print.

Size of tag paper:24*28mm (Octangle shape);24*26mm (Flat shape)


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