Production line equipments

CAMA is a professional manufacturer to develop and produce automatic teabag packing machines.On the basis of 20 years'professional experience,we not only supply high efficient and good quality packing machines,but design and supply various packing lines as well,such as teabag packing line,granular packing line,medicine packing line,black tea and green tea packing line,and other food related packing lines.
According to the customer'request of packing and speed,we could design and supply complete set of high efficient and stable packing line.We will strictly select variety of machinery with perfect function,and supply quick technical service.


The whole line adopts advanced control system, HMI dialogue, integrated and efficient, stable work, streamlined manpower and cost savings. According to the actual needs, we can customize the internal and outsourcing packing solutions for customers, optimize the layout of the production line, save the plant area, and build a teabag packing production line with low energy consumption, low cost, high efficiency and high profit. The complete tea bag packing production line is a turnkey project for own customers. It can automatically complete the whole process from “Tea material transportation/feeding, tea bag packing, paper box fold, overwrap for paper box ,final product inspection, overall control, etc”. The five major sectors include the following main processes:

♦ Conveying and transporting: automatic feeding and unloading, semi-finished products and finished product conveying.

♦ Product packing: teabag packing, tea bag go into paper box, paper box fold automatic, transparent film overwrapping machine ,cartoner..

♦ Product testing: check weight selection, metal detection, X-ray detection, visual inspection.

♦ Product identification: real-time labeling, laser coding.

♦ Overall control: logic control, fault alarm.

Technical data
Products  Final tea bag with paper box dimensions
DXD01KC6 /
Envelop:(L×W) 70mm×80 mm
Paper box: (L×W) (30—125)L×*75W*90H(mm)
Overwrap: (30—125)L×*75W*90H(mm)
Cartons: (200—425)L×(150—400)W*(100—350)H(mm)
Envelop: 82*75mm 
Paper box: (30—125)L*85W*85H (mm)
Overwrap: (30—125)L*85W*85H(mm)
Cartons: (200—425)L×(150—400)W*(100—350)H(mm)



Packing materials

Filter paper: 7000bags/kg

Glue tag paper:10000tags/kg

Heat sealable tag paper:8000tags/kg

Cotton thread: 20000teabags/Roll

Envelope paper: 2200 bags/kg

Note : The consumption is collected from untransparent OPP20 / Pearl OPP 35 film.Other materials will be different. Counted according to the number of bags.


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