Model DXDC8I Tea bag packing machine

Model DXDC8I teabag packing machine is electromechanical integration of packing machine for the pharmaceutical,health care,food and other industries,It can pack 20 meshes to 100 meshes or bulk non-viscidity granular materials,such as CTC black tea,green broken tea,herbals into the bag.To achieve quantitative material cutting,cotton thread and adhesive labels,bag sealing,automatic counting and other functions of high-speed packing machine.There is no envelope function for this machine,but we improve that counting outout,grouped tea bag into a paper box device.Save cost,more efficient .

♦ Suitable for start business or basic market.

♦ This model will pack naked tea bag with string/tag in one machines.No envelop functions

♦ Output grouped tea bag into paper box.

♦ Group:1)25/50/100 teabags;2)30/60 tea bags;3)20/40 tea bags. (Should confirm output quantity before order)
♦ The complete machine meets GMP and CE certification requirements.


DXDC8I outer bag and 25 packing box

Technical data
Capacity 120bags/min
Max.Dosage 6 cm³
Size of tea bag (L×W) 62.5mm×50 mm
Packing in boxes a) 25 / 50 / 100   b) 30 / 60   c) 20 / 40 
Width of filter paper 125mm
Tag dimensions 28mm ×24mm
Thread length 210mm
Voltage AC 380V
Total power 1.5 KW
Overall dimension 1.700m ×0.900m × 2.000m
Carton dimensions 1.220m × 1.140m×1.967m
Net Weight 640kg
Gross weight 800kg
Options 1) Stirrer 2) Heat sealable tag device 3) Pneumatic vacuum feeder 4) Modification cutter tool



Packing materials

Heat sealing filter paper : Single side heat-sealing ,16.5-20g/㎡ and 125mm width.

Cotton thread : The thread should be original cotton thread with 3 strands of No.16 (21/4 in English System) thread wound into cone.

Tag paper : The tag paper should be bleached paper for food industry specially, 70 g/㎡ .

Adhesive : The adhesive used on this machine is polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Its Brookfield viscosity should be 1600-2800 CP at 25℃ with adhesive.

Filter paper: 7500bags/kg

Heat sealable tag paper:6250tags/kg

Cotton thread: 20000teabags/Roll


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