Model DXD01YS80 Tea bag packing machine

Model DXD01YS80 is a kind of ultransonic sealing,high speed tea bag machine.Full compliance with GMP and CE certification requirements.It is suitable for bulk non-viscous materials packing in tea,medicine,health care product and food industries.The tea bag has excellent water permeability and visual perspective.The whole machine adopts servo and PLC control system,touch screen display,simple operation and convenient maintenance.

♦ Ultrasound sealing and cutting with high reliability is used on pyramid bag forming system.
♦ Hight-speed electronic weighting system,high-precision weighting,with unqulified reject device.
♦ A sensor monitor for jam teabag and envelope bag. Alarm stop when it detects a shortage of materials.
♦ Tea bag and outer bag independent control,convenient adjustment,reduce waste mateirals.
♦ Grouped tea bag output functions.
♦ Hold GMP standard for food and CE certification.
♦ Provide Servo control for traction of envelope and ensures printing logo on a properly place.
Technical data
Max.Capacity  80±5 bags/min
Max.Dosage 10 cm³
Size of teabag (L×W) 60mm×58 mm
Size of outer bag (L×W) 82mm×75 mm
Packing materials for tea bags PET AND PLA filter
Envelop film materials Various heat sealable laminated materials:Plastic / Foil / P.E, Paper / P.E,Paper / Foil / P.E, Plastic / P.E
Width of tea bag filter 140 mm
Width of envelop film 150 mm 
Air pressure 0.6 MPa
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz


1) Material loading system  2) Date printing device for tea bags  3) Working plate  4) 14 heads multi weighter


1 person



Packing materials

Various materials: PET/Nylon/PLA etc. 120mm/140mm/160mm.(With tag or customized tag logo)

Nylon fabric : 6000bags/rolls.(140mm,with standard tag artwork)

Envelope bag : 1000bags/kg.

Note : The consumption is collected from untransparent OPP20 / Pearl OPP 35 film.Other materials will be different. Counted according to the number of bags.


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