Model DXD01KC6 Tea bag packing machine

Our company developed heat sealing method,multi-functional,fully automatic tea bag packing machine with heat sealable tag system(No glue),PLC control system,touch screen display,Safety guard.This machine meet GMP standard for food and CE certification.It can pack granule materials,such as CTC black tea,green broken tea,herbs in various industry.Simple operation,easy maintenance.

♦ Patent for heat sealable tag system (No glue).

♦ This model can use 140mm width filter paper.

♦ A sensor monitor for jam teabag and envelope bag, Alarm stop when it detects a shortage of materials.

♦ Searching for empty bag and automatic reject function.

♦ With a grouped tea bag output.

♦ Meet GMP standard for food and CE certification.
♦ Provide Servo control for traction of envelope and ensures printing logo on a properly place.
Technical data
Max.Capacity  105±5bags/min
Max.Dosage 6 cm³
Size of teabag (L×W) 62.5mm × 50mm
Size of outer bag (L×W) 80mm × 70mm
Width of filter paper 125mm or 140mm
Tag dimensions 26mm × 24mm (Heat sealable tag), 28 mm×24 mm(Glue tag) 
Thread length 210mm
Envelop film materials Various heat sealable laminated materials : Plastic/foil/P.E, Paper/P.E,Paper/foil/P.E,Plastic/P.E
Air pressure 0.6 MPa
Air consumption

300L/min (with pneumatic vacuum feeder)

100L/min (without pneumatic vacuum feeder)

Power supply AC 380/220V
Total power 3 KW
Overall dimensions 2.840m×1.222m×2.250m
Carton dimensions 2.140m×1.410m×1.890m
Net weight 1410kg
Gross weight 1610kg
1) Pneumatic vacuum feeder   2) Date printing device  3) Complete safety guard 
4) Vibratory feeder device  5) 140mm filter paper   6) Modification cutter tool



Packing materials

Heat sealing filter paper : Single side heat-sealing ,16.5-21g/㎡ ,width:125mm .

Various heat sealable laminated materials : Plastic / Foil / P.E, Paper / P.E, Paper / Foil / P.E, Plastic / P.E.

Cotton thread : The thread should be original cotton thread with 3 strands of No.16 (21/4 in English System) thread wound into cone.

Tag paper : The tag paper should be coatched paper for food industry specially.High temperature ink print.

Filter paper: 7500bags/kg

Heat sealable tag paper:6250tags/kg

Cotton thread: 20000teabags/Roll

Envelope paper: 1100 bags/kg

Note : The consumption is collected from untransparent OPP20 / Pearl OPP 35 film.Other materials will be different. Counted according to the number of bags.


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