Model DXD01KC20 Tea bag packing machine

DXD01KC20 is a kind of heat-sealing,multi-functional tea bag packing machine.It meets the GMP and CE certification requirements.It is suitable for bulk non-adhesive granules materials in medicine,health care,food and other industries.It is especially suitable for high-dose blister packaging of Chinese herbal medicine mixed granules.The whole machine adopts servo and PLC control system,touch screen display,simple operation and convenient maintenance.

♦ Suitable for packaging of high-dose materials (5-8 g).

♦ A sensor monitor for jam teabag and envelope bag. Alarm stop when it detects a shortage of materials.

♦ With empty bag detection, automatic rejection function.

♦ With group count output function.
♦ The complete machine meets GMP and CE certification requirements.

♦ Provide Servo control for traction of envelope and ensures printing logo on a properly place.

♦ Photoelectricity automatically tracks the color point, and the brand positioning is accurate.
Technical data
Max.Capacity  100±5 bags/min
Max.Dosage 20 cm³
Size Of Teabag(L×W) 75 mm×75 mm
Size Of Outer Bag(L×W) 95 mm×95 mm
Width Of Filter Paper 155mm
Envelop Film Materials Various heat sealable laminated materials:Plastic / Foil / P.E, Paper / P.E, Paper / Foil / P.E, Plastic / P.E
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption

300L/min (with pneumatic vacuum feeder)

100L/min (without pneumatic vacuum feeder)

Power Supply AC 380/220V 
Total Power 3 KW
Overall Dimensions 2.800m×1.310m×2.250m(Standard device)
Options 1) Vacuum feeding system  2) Date printing device  3) Safety gurad  4) Vibration feeder  5) Cartoner



Packing materials

Heat sealing filter paper : Single side heat-sealing ,16.5-21g/㎡ ,width:125mm .

Various heat sealable laminated materials : Plastic / Foil / P.E, Paper / P.E, Paper / Foil / P.E, Plastic / P.E.

Cotton thread : The thread should be original cotton thread with 3 strands of No.16 (21/4 in English System) thread wound into cone.

Filter paper : 4010bags/kg

Envelope paper :800bags/kg 

Note : The consumption is collected from untransparent OPP20/Pearl OPP 35 film.Other materials will be different.Counted according to the number of bags.


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