Envelope film

CAMA supplies not only the machines with excellent performance,but also all packing materials,the details are as follows:

Heat-seal filter paper:16.5—22.5g/㎡ various widths

Non-heatseal filter paper:16g/㎡ various specifications

Coffee filter paper:25g/㎡ heat-seal filter paper,various widths

Envelope paper of machine CCFD6:70g/㎡ single-side offset paper for food industry

Tag paper:Heat-seal tag paper and non-heatseal tag paper

PET material,Nylon filter,non-woven fabrics:with tag,or without tag(customized)

Envelopes of machine DXDC8IV and DXDC15:heat-seal composite materials,such as Paper / PE,Paper / Aluminum / PE,Aluminum / PE, Plastic / PE,Plastic / Foil / PE,etc.

Envelope film:01
Technical data
1) Plastic / Foil / P.E or Plastic / paper / P.E or Paper / P.E etc(Heat sealing machine).
2) Paper envelope: white paper of 70g/㎡ (Non heat sealing, model CCFD6).
Let's begin with a easy to understand concept. Hypothesis the supplier's plate charges is $100 / color.

Note : All customized artwork for envelope paper,customer will pay printing colors on the plate charges at the first time,the total charges count by color.

Color Plate Charges : One color, one plate charges, if the design is composed of 6 kinds of Pantone color, then total plate charge is $100*6=$600.



Envelope film02

Packing materials

CAMA offer all materials for own tea bag machines.

Envelope film: Plastic/foil/P.E Or Plastic/paper/P.E or Paper/P.E etc.


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